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This example modifies the TCP Echo Server presented before with a simple modification. The TCP server listens to the client, but echoes back the normal data along with the ROT13ed version of data.


The ROT13 cipher is presented below:

if bytes_read != 0 {
let received_data = &received_data[..bytes_read];
let s = String::from_utf8_lossy(received_data);
if let Ok(str_buf) = from_utf8(received_data) {
let mut coded_string = String::from("");
for c in s.chars(){
let charcode = c as u32;
if c.is_lowercase(){
let a_code = 'a' as u32;
let rotcode = ((charcode - a_code +13)%26) + a_code;
else if c.is_uppercase(){
let a_code = 'A' as u32;
let rotcode = ((charcode - a_code + 13)%26) + a_code;
println!("Received encrypted data: {}", str_buf);
println!("Decrypted received data: {}", coded_string);

Although simple in implementation, this ROT13 networking demo could be the basis of a encryption/decryption service running in a Trusted Execution Environment.