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Cloud deployment

Enarx keeps can be deployed to various cloud environments. This document aims to keep track of cloud environments that are known to work, and gotchas.

Cloud Support

AMD SEV-SNPIntel SGX2Instances / Notes
Alibaba Cloud🕑SGX: *7t, SEV-SNP: Research in progress
AWSm6a.metal DO NOT install the Intel QPL (see below)
AzureDCsv3 DCdsv3
Equinixn3.xlarge m3.large.opt-c2m3s3 c3.medium.opt-c1m1
Google CloudNot yet supported (see below).
IBM Cloud🕑🕑Research in progress
PhoenixNAPMultiple Instances (see CSP documentation)

General instructions

CPU Support

The following chart is the quickest way to make a good guess if a CPU is supported or not. This heuristic is NOT perfect. So please consult the charts below and your hardware vendor.

RegExExample SupportedExample Unsupported
AMD EPYC7..3.?7543 7443P 7373X7302 7F72 7351P
Intel Xeon Scalable[4568]3.+8380 5315Y 6338T5218R 4209T 6240





Kernel Support


A Linux kernel with SEV-SNP support is required. As this driver is not yet available upstream, Profian can provide a kernel build for your Linux distribution.

Intel SGX

SGX2 support is required. The good news is that SGX2 support is now available in the 6.0.0 kernel or later. If your Linux distribution does not provide this kernel version yet, there are several ways to upgrade.


You can install a new kernel from the Mainline Kernel repository by downloading the linux-modules and linux-image-unsigned packages, and installing them with dpkg -i, and rebooting.

CentOS / Red Hat Enterprise Linux

You can download a 6.0 or later linux kernel from Koji, the Fedora buildsystem. Download the corresponding kernel, kernel-core, kernel-modules and other rpms, and install with dnf install ./kernel*.rpm, and reboot the system.

Other Software


Follow the instructions of Intel to install the repository. get an API key and install the PCCS service. Install the DCAP quote library: apt-get install libsgx-dcap-ql.

For Azure, do not install the default quote provider library or PCCS service, for other environments, run apt-get install libsgx-dcap-default-qpl, and follow the rest of the Intel instructions to get an API key and install the PCCS service.

CentOS / Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Download the tarball from Intel's repository, extract it, and create a DNF repo file with contents:


After this, install sudo dnf install libsgx-dcap-ql.

For Azure, do not install the default quote provider library or PCCS service, for other environments, run sudo dnf module enable nodejs:16 && sudo dnf install sgx-dcap-pccs libsgx-dcap-default-qpl, and follow the instructions at the Intel instructions to get an API key. After this, run sudo /opt/intel/sgx-dcap-pccs/ to configure the PCCS service.

Alibaba Cloud

Intel SGX2*7t6.0.0+ kernel required. *7t instances are only available in China regions, which require Real-name Registration (except for the Hong Kong region)

Amazon Web Services

AMD SEV-SNPm6a.metalContact Profian for a supported kernel.
Intel SGX2


Intel SGX2DCsv3 DCdsv36.0.0+ kernel required. DO NOT install Intel QPL.


Note that the quota for these instances may be 0. It may be necessary to contact Microsoft support to increase your quota.


Azure provides their own certificate caching infrastructure. Attempting to use the Intel Quote Provider Library (QPL) will fail.

  • DO NOT install the Intel Quote Provider Library (libsgx-dcap-default-qpl).

  • Instead, make sure to install the Azure Data Center Attestation Primitives Client.

    1. Find the latest release on the GitHub releases page,
    2. Copy the link to the deb file corresponding to your Ubuntu release.
    3. Download the .deb file.
    4. Install it with dpkg -i.
    5. Restart the aesmd service: systemctl restart aesmd.


AMD SEV-SNPm3.large.opt-c2m3s3 c3.medium.opt-c1m1Contact Profian for a supported kernel.
Intel SGX2n3.xlarge6.0.0+ kernel required. See above.


Not all instances are available by default to all customers. For access to the above instances, you may need to contact Equinix directly.

Google Cloud

Google does not offer SGX VMs. And while Google does have a bare-metal service through a third party partnership, the latest generation of CPUs in their offering is one generation behind. We expect this to change in the future.

IBM Cloud

Research is currently in progress.


Intel SGX2Many. See CSP.6.0.0+ kernel required. See above.