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Enarx would not be possible without the support of its sponsors. Many thanks to all who contribute to the long term success of this project!


Profian is the custodian of Enarx, and employs engineers and our community manager.

Confidential Computing Consortium

Enarx is a software project in the Confidential Computing Consortium, a project community at the Linux Foundation dedicated to defining and accelerating the adoption of confidential computing.

Equinix Metal

Equinix Metal currently provides development and testing infrastructure to the Enarx project from their easy to use bare-metal cloud.


AMD has kindly donated hardware to the Enarx project, allowing developers to build on top and test AMD’s SEV (Secure Encrypted Virtualization) architecture.

Red Hat

Red Hat donated the project to the Linux Foundation and provided the engineering resources for much of the early work on Enarx.