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The Enarx project welcomes contributions!

We've tried to compile everything you'll need to get involved with the project here, but if anything is unclear, please come talk to us directly.

This page aims to:

  1. give you the basic information and tools to participate in the project and
  2. help you find out more about the various ways to contribute.

Code of Conduct

The Enarx project aims to be a welcoming and inclusive community, and to this end adheres to and enforces the Contributor Covenant code of conduct. You can read it here.

Asking questions

We are happy to answer as best we can any question you have about Enarx.

There are three ways you can ask questions:

Please use whatever method you are most comfortable with.


All project discussion takes place on Rocket Chat. Feel free to drop in and say hi!

You can find us here: or get in touch on GitHub discussions.


You can have a look at the outreach issues to find something that needs to be done!

How to contribute, in various ways

There are multiple ways you can contribute to the Enarx project.

Enarx is a complex endeavour, and different skills and people are needed to build it successfully. We strongly believe that everyone should feel welcome to contribute to Enarx, and that the more varied the team is, the healthier the project will be and the better Enarx will be for it.

With this in mind, here are the current main ways to contribute, but by no means the only ones:

Getting started

If you are unsure of how to start contributing, we suggest you look at the Onboarding page, which will guide you through learning the tools used by the project and provide a path you can follow.

If you are still unsure whether your skills can be useful or just curious, we encourage you to come by our chat or drop in our daily meeting!