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The Enarx project welcomes bug and feature requests!

This page will help you understand how we use the issue tracker and give you insight into reporting bugs and requesting features.

All our work takes place in the main enarx/enarx repo.

Bug report


Before filing a bug report, please search to see if an issue already exists for the bug you encountered.

Please provide a description of the current behavior you are experiencing and what behavior you were expecting. What steps are needed to reproduce that behavior and what environment are you working on?

Bug report

Feature request

Please provide a concise description of the requested feature and justification. If applicable, please provide a suggested approach on how to implement this feature.

Feature request

Lab machines


For Lab machines, issues should exceptionally be filed on GitLab instead of GitHub.

If you found an issue with our Lab machines, please file it on GitLab. If you have a proposed solution, please file a merge request on GitLab.

File issue for Lab machines

For more information about the Lab machines, please check this page.


To keep our work organised, we make heavy use of labels. These allow us to quickly see all issues relating to conferences, infrastructure or WebAssembly, for instance. Here are the labels we use:

You can click on a label name to see the issues that have been tagged with it.