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The Confidential Computing Fellowship is open to applicants from around the world with a wide range of backgrounds and skills.

The main target audience is:

  • Developers: who wish to contribute in code;
  • Advocates: who wish to contribute by promoting Confidential Computing;
  • Researchers: who wish to contribute by doing research on the topic.

For developers, the fellowship is designed for people interested in open source and building skills around Rust, WebAssembly, and cloud-native technologies to achieve Confidential Computing. As part of the Enarx project, developers will learn how to deploy WebAssembly applications to Trusted Execution Environments in the Cloud, Edge, or on-premises.

For advocates, the fellowship is tailored towards people interested in data protection and privacy. Data protection in the following industry sectors are particularly important: Banking & Financing, Government & Public Sector, Defense, Telecommunications, Health, Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Automotive, and Human Rights NGOs. Advocates will promote Confidential Computing by publishing articles, tutorials, and organizing events as part of the fellowship.

For researchers, the fellowship is geared for people who are part of research groups (either in academia, non-profits, or companies) doing research on Confidential Computing and adjacent areas. Researchers will publish papers and/or dissertations as well as attend relevant conferences as part of the fellowship.