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Quick Installation

This is the quick installation guide for Enarx. The goal is to help you get started using Enarx right away for development/debugging purposes on Windows, macOS, and Linux.


To build from source, please refer to the complete installation guide.


Full TEE (Intel SGX/AMD SEV-SNP) and KVM support is available with the published statically compiled Linux binary.

Please select your operating system:

Before installing Enarx, we need to install PowerShell (Windows' command line) and winget (Windows' package manager) from the Microsoft Store.

Click on the Start menu, type store, and open Microsoft Store.

In the search bar, type powershell and click on the Get button to install PowerShell.

Do the same for winget. Type winget in the search bar, and click on the Get button to install winget.

Open PowerShell from the Start menu and type winget install Enarx to install Enarx.

windows install enarx

To test enarx we should download a sample WebAssembly file (hello-word.wasm):

iwr -OutFile hello-world.wasm

Now run it using the enarx run command:

enarx run hello-world.wasm

windows enarx info and run

What's next? Learn how you can compile your application to WebAssembly from various programming languages by studying the WebAssembly Guide.