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WebAssembly With C

Environment Setup

To compile this demo, you must install the following:


You can install it from


Next you will have to download the latest release version of Wasi-Sdk. You can download it from here: Wasi-Sdk and download the binary as per your Operating System.


First of all, create a new directory. I am naming my Directory as C-Tutorial . In this directory, create a new file which will contain your C Source Code and then paste the following code:


int FibonacciSequence(int num) {
if(num <= 1) {
return num ;
return FibonacciSequence(num-1) + FibonacciSequence(num-2);
int main(){
printf("Enter the Number\n");
int n ;

printf("Fibonacci Sequence term at %d is %d " , n , FibonacciSequence(n));

After you are done creating your Source Code File, fire up your Terminal/Bash and follow the following steps:

Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the wasi-sdk directory and inside that directory navigate to ~/Downloads/wasi-sdk-{Release_Version}/bin/clang. You can replace the {Release_Version} with the specified version of wasi-sdk that you have downloaded at the time you are following this tutorial. In my case it is `wasi-sdk-14

The wasi-sdk provides a clang which is configured to target WASI and we will use that in order to generate our WASM Binary.

~/Downloads/wasi-sdk-14.0/bin/clang demo.c -o demo.wasm

Now you will have your WASM Binary demo.wasm in your C-Tutorial directory and now you can run it on Wasmtime.

wasmtime demo.wasm

Additionally, you can also run it in the Enarx Keep as well:

enarx run demo.wasm