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WebAssembly with Golang

Golang Webassembly

Environment setup

To compile this demo, you must install the following:


Go to and follow the instructions.


A Go compiler intended for use in small places such as microcontrollers, WebAssembly (Wasm), and command-line tools

Go to and follow the instructions.

Please note: Tinygo requires golang version 1.15 through 1.17


You will find wasmtime at

Go Code

Let's create a simple Go program that caculates the fibonacci sequence of an integer input.

Create a folder "Golang-to-WASI":

cd Golang-to-WASI
go mod init Golang-to-WASI

Create a file main.go, and add the following:

// Simple Program to calculate fibonacci of input

package main

import "fmt"
func FibonacciRecursion(n int) int {
if n <= 1 {
return n
return FibonacciRecursion(n-1) + FibonacciRecursion(n-2)

func main(){
fmt.Print("Enter number : ")
var n int

fmt.Println("Fibonacci of", n , "is", FibonacciRecursion(n));

Compiling the Go code

  1. Compile using go
go run main.go

Golang Screenshot1

  1. Compile to WASM using the following command:
tinygo build -wasm-abi=generic -target=wasi -o main.wasm main.go
  1. The wasm file created in the folder:
file main.wasm
  1. wasm runtime
wasmtime main.wasm

Golang Screenshot2