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WebAssembly with Zig

Zig Webassembly

Environment setup

To compile this demo, you must install the following:


Go to and follow the instructions.


You will find wasmtime at

Zig Code

we would create a simple Zig program that calculates caculates the fibonacci sequence of an integer input.

create a folder with a name of your choice, i would be using "Zig-to-WASI" as the name of my folder.

create a file main.zig, add following code into your main.zig file and save the file.

const std = @import("std");

fn fibonacci(index: u32) u32 {
if (index < 2) return index;
return fibonacci(index - 1) + fibonacci(index - 2);

pub fn main() !void {
const stdout =;
var x: u32 = 7;

try stdout.print("fibonacci of {d} ", .{x});
try stdout.print("is: {d} \n ", .{fibonacci(x)} );

Compiling Go code

  1. Compile using zig
zig run main.zig

Zig Screenshot1

  1. compile to WASM using the following command:
zig build-exe main.zig -target wasm32-wasi
  1. The wasm file created in same folder
file main.wasm
  1. wasm runtime
wasmtime main.wasm

Zig Screenshot2