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WASI Networking: Towards a World Wide WebAssembly

Nathaniel McCallum
Harald Hoyer

Title: WASI Networking: Towards a World Wide WebAssembly
Author: Nathaniel McCallum, Harald Hoyer
Date: May 16, 2022

The advancement of WASI, the WebAssembly System Interface, is key to pushing WebAssembly beyond the browser - from the Cloud to the Edge - allowing developers to build applications that are capable of running in a wide range of architectures and interfacing with an array of systems. One of the most exciting developments has been WASI’s networking support, which will unleash a whole new set of applications. In this session, we’ll explore the current state of WASI networking and cover the recent implementation of sock_accept(). Next, we’ll demonstrate a Wasm server using the Rust mio framework, along with some examples of networked applications. Finally, we’ll discuss the next steps towards building a full fledged networking API and the future of network-enabled WebAssembly applications, including some considerations with regards to deploying network identities and security implications.

Source: KubeCon / Wasm Day Europe 2022