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Owned or pwned? No peekin' or tweakin'!

Richard Zak
Nick Vidal

Title: Owned or pwned? No peekin' or tweakin'!
Author: Richard Zak, Nick Vidal
Date: August 12, 2022

The Cloud is just somebody else's computer. So when you run a workload on a cloud host, anyone who owns (or pwns) that system can peek or tweak the data or even the application itself. You have no confidentiality or integrity protection from your Cloud Service Provider, rogue sysadmins, or just anyone who compromises their machines.

But being pwned does not necessarily mean it’s endgame. Confidential Computing uses hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments to provide confidentiality and integrity even in the most vulnerable scenarios.

This session will define Confidential Computing at a technical level and discuss current and upcoming hardware that have support for it. Later, we’ll introduce Enarx, an open source Linux Foundation project, and present a live demo to showcase Confidential Computing in a system that has been “pwned.”

Source: DEF CON 30


PDF: DEFCON30 Owned or pwned.pdf