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Confidential Computing and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies - The Landscape

Mike Bursell

Title: Confidential Computing and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies - The Landscape
Author: Mike Bursell
Date: September 13, 2022

“If the cloud is just somebody else’s computer, then how can I trust my sensitive apps and data to it?” This question – which inhibits adoption of public cloud computing for many organizations in security-sensitive or highly regulated industries – finally has some answers, provided by a variety of technologies. This session covers the (TLA-laden) landscape of key technologies, from FHE (Fully Homomorphic Technologies) to TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments, the basis for Confidential Computing), and beyond. We will compare the various approaches, the underlying technologies, and the properties that they can offer to organizations working out how to manage the risks associated with deploying to the cloud, the Edge and beyond. We will also look at why open source is playing such an important role in some of the projects embracing these technologies, including a demo of a sensitive application using the Enarx project, an open source project which is part of the Confidential Computing Consortium (Linux Foundation). This talk does not require deep technical knowledge, though it will lead pointers. Nor will it try to paint any technology as “the answer”, but will provide some guidelines about which approaches may be best suited to your organization’s environment and requirements.

Source: Open Source Summit Europe 2022