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2020-08-25 Outreach Meeting


Mike D.


OSS events

Public communication channel

We don't need our own Slack subscription, we can use the LF-provided one for OSS Europe.

Confidential C2

Speaker Bureau

Ben getting quote from Speakerhub. Good thing is people actually look for speakers on Speakerhub.

Action: create a Speakerhub (free), mention "confidential computing" in your profile.

Ben's proposal: let's start building a simple page (like LF Edge has). Start with leadership team, then go through communities.

New outreach whitepaper

Will be released very soon.


Pages are being updated one at a time. Improve SEO by looking at analytics data.

Enarx short stories

LinkedIn etc.
Aim: Consistent, concerted voice. Work together with Twitter feed and website.

What focus?
Recruitment? Spotlight on website? Technical aspect?
Up until now, the goal has been to improve understanding of the core problem & encourage people to join the community.

  • (Recruitment) Present relatable human element of project to target audience on this social media platform. Team member interviews similar to RH Summit?
  • (Website spotlight) Link to appropriate landing page(s) to direct traffic.
  • (Technical highlights) Coordinate with team to highlight interesting aspects of project.

Possible format: "3 questions with…"

Formal representation

  • LinkedIn organisation (profile you can follow, adds credibility on platform)

Idea: have more ways to amplify the message