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2020-09-15 Outreach Meeting


Mike B.
Mike D.



RSA conference

Enarx should answer CFP, @mike_camel to do so.

OSS Europe

Approved, we have (signed) contract. ConfC2 panel template being worked on (by Aeva).

DevConf US

24/25th Sept, tech crowd Showing a cool new demo.

Confidential Computing Consortium

Motion to allow two companies from the same group of companies (ie: IBM & Red Hat) to join the ConfC2: defeated. There are still (understandable) concerns that this could lead to undue influence on the board. However, it also a sign that boards often have too much power over the organisations, even the ConfC2 board is designed to avoid this sort of problem.

Outreach / Speaker Bureau

A quote was accepted, the idea is now to start building the bureau, with several sub-groups. Not going with SpeakerHub for now, may do so later.