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2020-09-29 Outreach Meeting


Mike B.



RSA conference

Mike has answered: two talks, one Enarx-based.

DevConf US so much better than things we've used before. Problem: people a bit bored of online conferences. Last slot in the day, so only US-based folks saw the talk. Good video, now published on YT. All in all, went rather well.

Future conferences

Ask to have polls asked on our behalf? ("Do you know Confidential Computing?")

OSS Europe (Dublin, 26 October)

No access to platform yet. Should have time to prepare. Timeslots not confirmed yet, will sign-up volunteers once we have them.

Confidential Computing Consortium

Outreach / Speaker Bureau

Creating group of staff and membership, with full bio. Work with TAC, to have technical profiles. List of topics.

Enarx short stories

Ongoing, Mike D. started a set of questions. Axel to be the first interviewee.

Enarx briefs

Mike: start by having a wiki in a good position and use that as the source.