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2021-09-14 Outreach Meeting

  • axel
  • Ben
  • Mike
  • Nick
  • Shaun


General discussion


Enarx's Blog is now live and the first drafts are being created. The final URL will be:


The TAC has approved Enarx and other CCC projects to be part of the Outreachy program. Besides the benefits of the program itself, another benefit is bringing the CCC projects closer together to collaborate and grow their communities.


The Outreachy community application deadline was extended to September 17. Nick and Ashley will fill out the application on the 15th.


Hacktoberfest's website is now live. We are aiming to build simple demos on top of Enarx.


Open Source Summit

Several CCC members will be presenting at the OSS, but participating will mostly be virtual. Mike will participate in a panel:

Cloud Security Alliance

Rolling CFP till 2021-December-31. Let's create a proposal in October/November.


Mike announced his upcoming book Trust in Computer Systems and the Cloud with a chapter dedicated to Confidential Computing.