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Bootstrapping a Community through Mentorship

Nick Vidal

Title: Bootstrapping a Community through Mentorship
Author: Nick Vidal
Date: June 25, 2022

We'll be presenting the strategies that we used to bootstrap our community. Enarx is an open source project part of the Confidential Computing Consortium from the Linux Foundation. Confidential Computing is a relatively new area which most developers are not familiar with. The Enarx project partnered with Outreachy (a diversity initiative from the Software Freedom Conservancy) and LFX Mentorship (from the Linux Foundation) to welcome five interns, who had zero knowledge of Confidential Computing. During just a few of months, they learned the basics and started building demos, from simple to more complex. They had the opportunity to showcase their demos at their first conference (Open Confidential Computing Conference), and have helped the Enarx project to be part of conferences in Africa (Open Source Festival) and Asia (FOSSASIA) for the first time. By creating a mentorship program, we were able to grow our community in a healthy and diverse way, where everyone helped each other to learn more about this new area and to promote it at conferences around the world.

Source: Open Source Summit NA 2022